Sunday, February 21, 2016


The Wolf Came Knocking

           I’d Like To Tell You ALL
That It Was Sweet With Sugarplums
But, When I Bit Into Life,
Life BIT Back
For The Longest While,
Everyday DID Seem Like Christmas.
My Problems Were Few And Far Between.
I Thought I Was Invulnerable,
But, As You Can See, It Wasn’t So.
I Almost Always
Had My Share Of FUN.
When Push Came To Shove,
I Was Doing Pretty Well.

One Day, The Wolf Came Knocking,
And, I Answered.
He Said, ‘’Paul, You’ve
Got Some Dues To Pay,
And, I’m Here To Collect.’’
He Said, I Would Have FUN, Again
But, It May Take Some Time.

We ALL Go Through HELL,
Until, We Get To HEAVEN,
According To Steve Miller, Anyway.

Accepting Paying Our Dues,
Is Better Than Resisting.

It May Be Disconcerting,
The Different Avenues We Explore.
But, IT IS This Thing Called Living.
And, It ALL Turns Out In The END,
Doesn’t It?
I MEAN...AT LEAST It Levels Out!?!?

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