Saturday, July 08, 2017

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset RAP!


I woke up today feeling like a big old joke
Knowing I won’t succeed rather I’ll just choke
Because I wasn’t born smart just like the rest of the crew
My brain’s stuck as it is like a giraffe in a zoo

There’s NO use trying, my talents are zip
I don’t try I’m NOT even close to equipped
Like David, or Katy or Trinity, too
They got the brains there so smart I want to be in their shoes

That’s right not (Couldn’tGetThis) we got a FIXED MINDSET 
vote for the other team if you’re making a bet
 because we don’t know how to take stuff into our brains
We give up because there is nothing to gain

That’s insane so you’re saying just to give up
You are NOT even trying
The only reason that we rock is because we are READY to FLY
We make mistakes, take chances and often we fail
That lights up the brain enlarges it as big as a whale

Not quite, but, seriously, that’s what it takes
The only way to get better is by making mistakes
Now you can sit there feeling bad looking at your situation
Feeling like you got a raw deal soaking in all that frustration

In the end it’s always only up to you, you make the choice you got the voice - so here, have my shoes!
Walk in them, see how they feel
They’re dirty, dusty heels are totally healed -


That’s right, that’s right we got a growth mindset
Vote for us every time when you are making a bet
Because if you’re working hard you can accomplish anything
You never hit a ball if you never even swing

What’s up Einstein you’re a place to be
Let’s say I made mistakes along the way 
But I kept growing everyday

Nice to meet you everybody I’m Joan of Arc
I saved France from invasion and I’m as tough as a shark
When the going gets rough you got to get tougher
If you don’t try harder then you will only suffer

Well hello there excuse me yes my name is BILL GATES
I created Microsoft and I’m worth 81.6 billion dollars and made lots of mistakes!
I learned early in life that it is all about the mindset
And that I never forget!

Green’s my friend my name is Sacagawea
I guided Lewis and Clark and came up with many ideas
Along the way we had a couple wrong turns
In the end we grow when we’re wrong we learn

That’s right, that’s right we got a GROWTH MINDSET
Vote for us every time when you’re making a bet
Because, if you’re working hard you can accomplish anything-
But, you will never hit the ball if you never even swing

(Repeat Last Stanza and Out!)

---I had a certain difficulty hearing all the words. I'll make changes if I hear them better.

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